Ted & Maria - Married July 2, 2002 


Carolina and Dominic...Joined March 2000
Married May 2000 - Cali   
      I can't thank you enough for all your help. Originally when I joined, I was skeptical as anyone would be. With all of the information and help you afforded me I became very comfortable with the idea of going to Colombia.  I have to tell you that once I arrived I thought things would change.  Remember, I went all alone without a group.  Making this trip alone was a little un-nerving.  Once I arrived at the airport you had a very friendly taxi cab waiting for me. He took me right to the agency.  Once there they made me feel like a king.  To top everything off on my return trip to marry my beautiful wife you accepted my invitation to our wedding reception.  Little did I know that you would eventually photo the wedding for me as I had no one I could trust to do this.  Harry, Carolina and I Thank you Eternally. 
Dominic Kemp


Guy and Samay Married March 30, 2002  

      Monica and Brian on their first meeting...May 1997

 Gloria and Craig ...another happy marriage

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