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Clay Jackson- Joined July 2002
For me personally, it has been a little rough road so far until I found this agency. That is because I have joined some other agencies before and they weren't as well structured.   The service to the customer is very personal.  The staff is great a help explaining about the background of the girls keeping you away of wasting money or time.  I think it's good when they are upfront and honest with you.

This sure beats the women back home!

Can you spell...Happiness!!!!

 I have all day if you want to keep shooting pictures!

If my friends could see my now!

This is a hard choice...too many beautiful ladies!

No better way to get to know that special lady...eye to eye!


A Kodak Moment...what a smile!

Enjoying a night on the town...
for and getting to know the ladies!

A few members viewing the men's personal profiles

Our weekly party at the piano bar in the hotel

Vincent his own words
I have traveled numerous times to many different countries, in search of a good decent woman. I have spent untold amounts of time and dollars in my search. I must tell you, after speaking with you several times on the telephone... that I'm very happy that I finally took your advice and made a trip to Colombia.  Your services and staff members brought me more opportunity in one visit then all my trips combined previously as a single traveler.  I was totally impressed with the professional and caring treatment I received from your staff members.  The Colombian woman that I met were stunning, sincere and warm. I think anyone who does not participate is missing the train. There is no other way to go... just pack your bags and head down to Colombia.  I welcome anyone who wants the real scoop to contact me. 
Vincent Savage 


Carolina & Dominic

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